Monday, July 5, 2010

July 2010 Socks

Finished this pair this morning and mailed them off to Colorado already. I remembered to include the ball band in the parcel, but forgot to make note of the color #.

Pattern: My own. Top down. CO 68 sts. with a ribbed leg (and upper foot) that includes a 4 st. cable down the center of both front & back. I adjusted the socks on the blockers to show the cable. (Enlarge to see)

: OPAL Cotton. #2092, I think. It's white and shades of denim.

: 1[US] 2.25mm; two circs

Knit for
: My DS in Colorado


affectioknit said...

So pretty - I love them!

Dee said...

They look great. The little cable is a great addition!

I'm sure you DS will love them.